Slavery is not only physical aspect but mentally but also this type of slavery is for those nations who have no culture heritage and language. Language is the first requirement for any culture. There is no nation without language it is not only a way to communication but a source of civilization. Culture without language is no culture. Nations try their best to save and flourish it. Civilization can b recognize only by language. Punjab has its history since Indus civilization.

Harappa was its fountain from where it spread and flourished. Today it needs care and development in such a way that it would become sole language of Punjab with same accent. Punjab Lok Lehar is working as this concept it is determined that Harappa was the center of basic Punjabi accent which is still found radius of 40 to 50 km around Harappa.

Punjab Lok Lehar has been working for the promotion of punjabi language and culture of punjab for the last 25 years(1985-2013) Punjab Lok Lehar published hundreds of punjabi books, booklets and Punjabi magazines.

Specially the book of Ali Arsad Mir "Call Bulaindi" as well as punjabi magazine Lok Lehar has been continously published.

Above all Exhibitions of punjabi books,cultural paintings,Mela Moishian, traditional sports are the regular activities of Punjab Lok Lehar.

It is a motto of Punjab Lok Lehar that it will work for the Harappa accent and make it only accent for the whole Punjab. It is a key concept of our mission and it would make Punjab a protected language enriches with values and tradition.

Launched in 2004 in Sahiwal, Punjab Pakistan. Initially organised a few numbers of literary and cultural events in Sahiwal then in Lahore too.

PLL emerged out of two different organisations of Sahiwal.

I: Punjabi Adbi Sangat Government College Sahiwal.

In late 70es played very important role to promote Punjabi literature, poets, writers and intellectuals. (Qaswar Butt, secretary of college student union)

II: Sahiwal Academy.

During the Martial Law of Gen. Zia ul Haq all progressive writers, poets intellectuals and activists were imprisoned tortured. Literary activities were prohibited. At that time in early 80es "Sahiwal Academy" was launched by young artists and writers. They explore theatre, symbolic poetry and prose in Urdu as well as in Punjabi. (Ejaz Athar, Qswar Butt, Raja Jahngeer)

In 1985 they organised, Meela Shah Hussain Madaho Laal, slogan was "Puray how gai Sat Saal madho Laal Madho Laal". ( seven years of Zia were completed, please help us Madaho Laal)

Organised Book fare of all languages including Punjabi.

Launched of a poetry book of well know Punjabi poet Zahoor Hussain Zahoor.

After the death of Zia-ul-Haq democracy was restored in Pakistan, at that point there was a strong feelings amongst the Punjabi artists and writers in Sahiwal that they should have a meaningful effective organisation of Punjabi which would represent them in the fields of art, culture and literature both nationally and internationally. The main stress of this organisation should be the revival of Punjabi language.

Then in 2004 Punjab Lok Lehar was launched in Sahiwal. (Qswar Butt, Raja Jahngeer, Iqbal Haider).

Aims & Objectives

  • To fight for the linguist rights of Punjabis.
  • Working towards the revival of Punjabi language in all aspects of life in Punjab, including Courts, Education and Media.
  • To become a voice of people for their demands related to the language, Soil and Punjabiyat.
  • To explore , preserve and Promote Punjabi culture, literature, folk lore, art, heritage and language.
  • Promote Punjabi language in the mainstream of multi-linguistic Pakistan.
  • Serve humanity by promoting Punjabi Culture, Art and Literature in Pakistan and abroad.
  • To promote ethos and ideology of Punjabi Sufis for peace and welfare of humanity.
  • To preserve, explore, recognise and honour Punjabi historians, researchers, intellectuals, artists and artisans who have made significant contribution to the society and cause of Punjabiyat.
  • To Promote good relations, brotherhood and goodwill among punjabis living in more than hundred countries of the world irrespective of caste, creed, gender, age and religion.

How Punjab Loke Laher is Achieving These Objectives

  • Organising Punjabi, Literary meetings, Public functions, conferences and seminars.
  • Holding big relies and arranging public gathering and events every year on mother language day, 21st February.
  • Organising Art and Musical festivals of folk artists.
  • Arranging exhibitions of Punjabi art, craft and books.
  • Visiting and participation of PLL delegates in Local Meelas, Fares and "Urses" of Punjabi Sofis i.e. Mohamad Pnah and Baba Farid.
  • Publishing special numbers on the occasions of these "Urse" and distributing it free amongst the participants.
  • Encouraging and motivating new generation to speak and learn Panjabi.
  • Honouring and recognition of distinguished Punjabi personalities in the field of literature, science, medicine (ivedic, Hakeem?), religion, arts, and performance arts.

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